Diavolo 2015
Cheaper by the Dozen

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*Special Members’ Offers: Diavolo 2015 Dozen (12 x 750ml bottles)

This wine is the latest offerings of  our truly limited stock. Members have the ability to make an order/purchase at special members-only prices for a limited time only. If you are a fan of this wine then don’t hesitate to get your allocation.

The Diavolo Shiraz/Cabernet blend is one of my favourites and this release speaks straight to my soul and won’t let me alone….. well, I can’t leave it alone. The Shiraz is from my in-laws’ vineyard which I helped build and now work full-time. This vineyard blesses us with outstanding Shiraz which on its own shows incredible balance and lacks in nothing. Right from the abundant and silky fruit to the elongated and fine tannins, the Shiraz from the Piombo vineyard in Sellicks (McLaren Vale) is a piece of work all its own. The Cabernet components come from one of our neighbour, Mat Brown at Sellicks. Mat is another wine obsessed nutter who delivers outstanding Cabernet with bright fruit, spice and lovely tight cabernet tannins: very smart. Put all these components together and you have Diavolo 2015: rich, yet not over- powering, elegant, yet no pushover. Balanced to the nth degree and very clever at shape shifting when opened up to some air. Try stopping at one…. Trust me, if you liked the previous Diavolo’s then you’re going to love this beauty. I’m extremely happy with what 2015 has given me to work with and am sure that this wine will only improve with proper cellaring and patience. Although it may be difficult to wait as it drinks beautifully now. “Dark chocolate, aniseed, spice and lovely long finishing tannins. Decant this Devil of a wine and enjoy it over an extended dinner!”

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